Breakthrough Inflatable Life Jacket That You Can Wear Everyday

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Published: 17th December 2010
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After the Typhoon Ondoy, a Singapore-based Filipino came up with the idea of a "mechanical jacket" to help and prepare people from environmental changes. And in 2009, Jumbo Dirty Cat was founded. The company aims for excellence and development of each product and hope to take the market by "storm" and with the introduction of the new products, Super Rain and Super Flood, they become true to their vision of keeping up with the latest trends and technologies while improving and helping to save more human lives in the process.

The Super Rain jacket is the first in the world of "accordion hood". It features water-proof fabric that acts as a rain coat or umbrella. It is a very user-friendly, everyday wear jacket with its unique, adjustable accordion hood and a plastic rolled-up shield that combats even the harshest of winds during a great storm or heavy pour. Every detail in the jacket is water-proof so it's a very fashionable alternative to a traditional jacket and rain coats. People working under the rain and or people who love outdoor activities can easily use it. Jackets are available in colors black, white, red and brown.

The Super Flood jacket also features accordion hood and face shield. Another great and totally unique feature is it also serves as a life jacket. An everyday wear life jacket, that is. The jacket has two inflation systems: manual and automatic inflation systems plus UK approved inflation mechanisms. The jacket is also water-proof and very easy to use. It can stand the harshest storms and floods. It is best recommended during floods, traveling across water, swimming and doing water sports. It also comes in four colors: black, white, red and brown.

Trendy meets functionality is what these products are all about. With the release of these two unique products, Jumbo Dirty Cat stays true to their vision of making human lives easier. Visit Jumbo Dirty Cat and see the jackets in action.

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